Medela - Cooler Bag

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Product Description

Medela’s Cooler Bag is perfect for safely transporting breast milk to and from work and day care while keeping it cool.

Enhance your breastfeeding experience

Medela’s Cooler Bag is a favorite with mums for keeping breast milk cool on the go. This Medela cooler and bottle set can be used as a secondary container to transport your breast milk home from work. It is also suitable for leaving at the day care centre.

Benefits of the Cooler Bag

The Cooler Bag keeps breast milk cool and safe, wherever you need to take it. The contoured ice pack is specially designed for Medela bottles and maximises breast milk storage time.

The insulation on the inside of the bag will keep the expressed breast milk cool for longer.

It comes with four Medela breast milk bottles and a separate cooling element.

What's Included

Cooler bag, cooling element, 4 breast milk bottles (150 ml), 4 lids, 4 discs

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